DH Records are performing Songwriting Seminars for more than twenty years now. One of the most obvious characteristics of these seminars is the very cooperative atmosphere between different people, no matter which musical genre or cultural background they belong to.

Songwriting Seminars can be the ideal melting pot of different cultures. People bring along their  thoughts, tastes and influences. They are working together combining their different backgrounds to something new. And in the end they take along the songs they have created back to their home culture thus spreading out their works. Intercultural exchange par excellence.

As a follow up to the Europe Spirit Song Project these seminars could have an even stronger focus on international commonalities and could support the creation of a European Identity.

Eleven Europe Spirit Songwriting Seminars have been performed in France in 2012 - 2023. More seminars are in the pipeline.

At Concerts in Bretten/D, Wissembourg/F, Kehl/D, Konstanz/D, Heidelberg/D, Strasbourg/F, Colmar/F, Bad Bergzabern/D the songs are performed live … >>>

On the background of a 20 year old cooperation between the UK and Germany D|H Records has got a good team of socially oriented songwriters. European cooperation is very familiar to them.

Impressions from the 2023 Songwriting Seminar in Strasbourg/F you can find here >>>

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