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Assunta Conforti (Italian lyrics and melody)


Assunta Conforti (lyrics) and Zeze Miranda (vocals)

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Gunter Hauser (composer + producer)

Assunta Conforti loves to write songs in her mind while she is cooking in the kitchen of her nice Italian Restaurant. And Peppino, the boss, is singing her songs like a typical Italian tenorů - what an atmosphere - incredibile!

Assunta wrote this song "╔ La Musica" about love and how to communicate with people, and about music. And it is not an accident that Zeze Miranda and her are posing in front of a map of Europe. This song was written as a song for Europe. Lyrics and melody who give a soul to European life - to business, politics and regulations. People in Europe need much more, they need emotions, they need love - as well as a good Italian pizza!

This song then was first sung by Zeze Miranda, a Portuguese singer, who had discovered Assunta and her talent.

Zeze sings the Italian demo version and you can find his interpretation on the Italian site. "╚ la Musica"

But this was just the very start of this project. While musicians of the band "Spirit'n'Jazz" have been recording the instrumental Paul Douglas and Gunter Hauser have done an English version to the lyrics. "It┤s In The Music"

The next step has been taken by a blind man. Chris Brandon in Germany likes the idea behind this project very much and is convinced by the music. He created a strong version in German:  "Der Song"

Songwriter Jacques Roeleveld from the Netherlands gave some big intercultural spirit to his version. And he found Marjoleine Leene, a gorgeous jazz-singer, interpreting his song: "Er zit muziek in"

Dana Konvalinkovß in the Czech Republic has written a good story with her äPisen pro tebe" for her group Kuspokon in Brno.

Singer JoŃo Lanša in Lisboa, Portugal, picked up interest and together with Nuno Gervßsio he created a Portuguese version: äO amor Ú m˙sica".

And he also inspired Enrique Pinto-Coelho in Spain to write lyrics in Spanish which are interpreted by Agustin Vasquez: äBasta la m˙sica"

Jukka Helin in Turku, Finland, senior member of international AGM songwriting seminars, has been writing a Finnish text together with his wife Marja. "Anna sen soida". Working in the European Capital of Culture 2011 has pushed his inspiration just a bit.

It took some time until we found Isabelle in France to do a French version: "En Chanson, ce jour" And she has also written a version in Alsacienne, an ancient dialect of the French-German border region: "Alles leijt im Lied". At the same time on the other side of the Rhine Gunter Hauser has written Lyrics in Badisch dialect as a partner version to Alsacienneů

Karolina Glazer from Poland is touring Europe as a Jazz singer. She has created a very interesting version with her song "Muzyka".

Next time you stop over you may find even more interesting versions.

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